The Leadville Project

I got into Leadville?

When I entered as part of a group in the lottery, I pegged the chances of entry at less than 10%, possibly even 5% (I’ll update with the actual probability if/when registration info becomes public).

It’s too good an opportunity to pass up. It’s going to require serious dedication on my part and very, very smart training. I have a bad history at events over 60K and this race represents numerous challenges I have yet to conquer at smaller, more manageable courses.

I’ll update this space with a training journal of sorts. I’m going to take this in two 3+ month blocks with ample recovery/taper built in. The first block tentatively culminates with a Boston double, where I hope to comfortably break three hours on the second marathon. That might not be a huge deal to some, but would represent a super solid 50+ mile day on my part.

The second block demands a 50-80K trail run. TBD but almost certainly something like a go at the 4 state FKT. Maybe even 12 hours of Maryland Heights, or something comparably mad.

More to come…

Adrian Spencer